CSI Ascona
23rd Edition

23-26 07 2015

Every year at July, horse lovers can enjoy their appointment with the International Horse Show of Ascona, which welcomes for competition illustrious names among the best horsemen and horsewomen in the world. In the vast area of the former airport of Ascona, fully "dressed up" for the occasion, takes place for four consecutive days spectacular jumping competitions entirely dedicated to horse riding, for a sports program of the highest level. Businesses related to the splendid thoroughbreds and their riders can participate at other entertainment manifestations.

Thursday, July 23th free entry;
Friday, July 24th free entry offered by Juri Elettronica;
Saturday, July 25th free entry offered by Augusto Resinelli SA Bellinzona ;
Sunday, July 26th entry adults CHF 30, children and AVS CHF 20.